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Denise Frisino AuthorThere is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island.
Walt Disney

I treasure the time I get to spend imagining and writing. 

Having been on stage since I was little, I took someone else’s words and fashioned their creations to my liking. But now the tide has turned. I weave the many facets of each character to life and let others do the interpreting. The techniques are similar, both take creativity, time, and understanding of human endeavors. 

I miss the immediate connection of the stage. So, as an author to hear from fans is to hear the laughter and applause.

Orchids of War is now available!  Set in 1941 Seattle, San Francisco and Hawaii, Orchids of War explores Japanese espionage and its impacts on the lives of all Americans.  Suspenseful, packed with accurate details, and told through engaging characters, this book will alter your perceptions of World War II.

NIEA Finalist Award We are also proud to announce that Orchids of War has been selected as a Finalist for the National Indie Execellence Award and the Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye Award!

Listen to Denise talk about writing Orchids of War on Amerika Now radio here and more interviews coming soon!

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The Home Brewed Happy Hour featured 10 regional, small press authors, cold beer & a giant cheese plate! Needless to say, it put early attendees in a great mood.